Waves and Thermodynamics

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1. Mechanical Wave Model

2. Transverse and Longitudinal Waves 

3. Electromagnetic Waves

4. Wave Graphs

5. The Wave Equation

6. Reflection 

7. Refraction

8. Snell’s Law

9. Total Internal Reflection 

10. Diffraction 

11. Images in Mirrors and Lenses 

12. Dispersion of Light 

13. Standing and Progressive Waves 

14. Superposition of Waves

15. Mechanical Resonance 

16. Pitch and Loudness

17. Sound as a Longitudinal Wave

18. The Inverse Square Law 

19. Reflection, Diffraction and Resonance

20. Standing Waves in Strings

21. Standing Waves in Air Columns

22. The Doppler Effect

23. Beats

24. Heat, Work and Energy 

25. Thermal Equilibrium 

26. Specific Heat Capacity 

27. Models of Energy Transfer 

28. Thermal Conductivity 

29. Change of State and Latent Energy