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Yes, we are under construction. A work in progress if you like!

With the huge increase in the number of educators on YouTube providing free lessons and tutorials, we don’t feel like students should need to pay for online help. A school education, for the best part, should be free for all students, especially when it comes to mastering the basic content presented in the new year 11 and 12 Science courses.

We aim to provide students and teachers with a free resource where content can be learnt, revised and mastered. This can be achieved by reading through our material and examples, watching our selection of YouTube videos and practising a selection of questions with video tutorial answers. 

Teachers can use this resource for student revision or ‘flipping’ their lessons. This may provide more time in class for practising and developing student skills around more difficult concepts and questions. Students are able to learn content before class or review lessons at a later time.

We have our favourites. YouTube has a lot of online educators and some are better than others. There are some educators who are amazing but they all deliver their content differently. This is why we also aim to provide multiple videos where possible to cater for different learning styles and preferences.

It’s all out there, it’s all free. We just organise it for you.

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