Pitch and Loudness – Practice


1) Place the following sound waves in order of:

a) decreasing pitch: b) increasing volume:


2) Use the standard wave below to draw a sound wave that is:

a) higher in pitch:

b) lower in volume:

c) lower in volume and pitch:

d) higher in volume and lower in pitch:

3) A sound wave has a frequency of 1600Hz and an amplitude of 2cm.

a) If the sound is altered to have a pitch twice as high and it is 3 times as loud, how does this impact the frequency and amplitude?

b) What is the wavelength of the new sound wave?


Quick Answers:

1a) C, B, D, A 

1b) A, B, D, C

2) See worked answer below

3a) pitch = 3200 Hz, amplitude = 6cm

b) 10.6cm   

Worked Answers: