Motion and Vectors in Two Dimensions – Practice


1) Resolve the following velocity vector into vertical and horizontal components:


2) A vector was analysed by looking at the horizontal and vertical components. It was found that the horizontal component was 82m right and the vertical component was 35m up. Draw a diagram and calculate the original vector:

3) A bird flew 400m in one direction and then 300m in another direction. Analyse the vectors below to determine the total displacement of the bird:


4) A robber was running toward the back of a train at 3m/s. The train was travelling forward at 11m/s. What was the velocity of the robber relative to the ground?

5) A plane was flying north at 80m/s before changing course to head east as it approached the runway at 55m/s. Calculate the change in velocity of the plane:

Quick Answers:

1) vx = 6.95 m/s     vy = 39.4 m/s

2) 89.2m @23.1° above the horizontal

3) 668m @ N50°E (40° above the horizontal)

4) 8m/s (same direction as the train)

5) 97m/s @ S34.5°E

Worked Answers: