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Frames of Reference

A frame of

● analyse the spontaneous decay of unstable nuclei, and the properties of the alpha, beta and gamma radiation emitted (ACSPH028, ACSPH030) ● examine the model of half-life in radioactive decay and make quantitative predictions about the activity or amount of a radioactive sample using the following relationships: – 𝑁t = 𝑁o𝑒−𝜆𝑡 – 𝜆 = 𝑙𝑛2

where 𝑁t = number of particles at time 𝑡, 𝑁0 = number of particles present at 𝑡 = 0, 𝜆 = decay constant, 𝑡1/2 = time for half the radioactive amount to decay (ACSPH029)