Transformer Efficiency and Applications – Practice


1) The following diagram illustrates a plate that was moved in relation to the magnetic field shown below. The induced eddy current is shown on the plate. Determine if the metal plate was being moved into or out of the magnetic field:

2) If the voltage is increased by a factor of 4 at the source, by what factor does this decrease the power loss?

3) A power station generates electric power at 86.4 kW. It sends this power to a town 10 km away through transmission lines that have a total resistance of 0.50 Ω. If the power is transmitted at 240 V, calculate:

a) the current in the transmission lines

b) the voltage drop across the transmission lines

c) the voltage available in the town

d) the power loss in the transmission lines.

Quick Answers:

1) into

2) factor of 16

3a) 360A    b) 180V    c) 60V    d) 64800W

Worked Answers: