Impulse and Momentum – Practice


1) What is the momentum of a 15 tonne train moving south at 5.2 m/s?

2) A 2.5 kg brick is travelling downward at 1.5 m/s at the moment it hits the ground before coming to a complete stop. What is the impulse of the brick as it becomes stationary?

3) A 110 kg front rower changes his speed from 0.5 m/s to 3 m/s when running the ball. What is the impulse of this player?

4) A 0.06 N force is applied to a toy for 1.4 seconds. What is the impulse applied to the toy?

Quick Answers:

1) 78,000 kgm/s

2) 3.75 kgm/s up

3) 275 kgm/s (same direction that the player is running)

4) 0.084 kgm/s (same direction as the applied force)

Worked Answers: