Current-Voltage Relationships and Ohm’s Law – Practice


1) What voltage will flow through a wire with a resistance of 15Ω to produce a current of 0.6A?

2) What is the resistance of a wire that produces a current of 200mA when a voltage of 9V is applied?

3) What will be the current flowing through a wire with a resistance of 60Ω when a voltage of 12V is applied?

4) When 80V is applied across a filament it produces a current of 0.4A and when a voltage of 125V is applied the current is 0.5A. Is this filament an ohmic conductor?


Quick Answers:

1) 9V

2) 45Ω

3) 0.2 amps

4) Resistances = 200Ω and 250Ω. Therefore non-ohmic.

Worked Answers: