Electric Charge – Practice


1) How does an atom become a positively charged ion?

2) How many electrons would make up a charge of:

a) −4.2 C?

b) −6.5 × 105 C?

3) What would be the charge carried by 1.8 × 1020 protons?

4) What would happen to the charged particles in the situations illustrated below:

Quick Answers:

1) Losing electrons. Atoms contain equal numbers of protons and electrons which leave an overall neutral charge on the atom. When the atom loses an electron, there will be extra protons resulting in a positively charged ion.

2a) 2.625 × 1019

2b) 4.0625 × 1014

3) 28.8C

4a) attractive force – move toward each other

4b) repulsive force – move away from each other

Worked Answers: