Elastic Potential Energy – Practice


1) A spring has a spring constant of 40Nm-1. What force is required to extend it by 5cm?

2) A spring has a spring constant of 100Nm-1. How far does it extend when a force of 10N is applied to it?

3) An arrow is fired by a mechanical launcher with a spring constant of 250Nm-1. Calculate the potential energy of the projectile if the spring was compressed 40cm:

4) A catapult at a theme park launches riders into a pool. It operates with a spring mechanism that has a spring constant of 1000Nm-1. How far would the spring need to be compressed for the rider to gain 2000J of energy?

Quick Answers:

1) 2N

2) 0.1m (10cm) opposite direction to the restoring force of the spring

3) 20J

4) 2m

Worked Answers: