Magnetic Flux Through an Area – Practice


1) A coil with dimensions of 5cm × 8cm is placed in a magnetic field with a strength of 0.05T. Calculate the magnetic flux if:

a) The coil is perpendicular to the field:

b) The normal to the coil is at 15° to the field:

2) The following coil has a radius of 2cm and the magnetic field has a strength of 0.8 T. Calculate the magnetic flux through the coil:

3) What angle would need to be between a magnetic field and a coil if the magnetic flux is to be half the maximum value for the same coil and field?

Quick Answers:

1a) 2 × 10-4 Wb    b) 1.9 × 10-4 Wb (2 × 10-4 Wb – 1 significant figure)

2) 0.001 Wb

3) 30°

Worked Answers: