Potential Energy and Work in an Electric Field – Practice


1) What is the strength of an electric field between charged plates separated by a distance of 10cm and a potential of 80V across the plates?

2) A charged particle of 7.2 × 10−8 C passes through a potential difference of 10V. Calculate the change in potential energy of this particle:

3) Calculate the work done on a particle with a charge of 4.8 × 10−12 C that moves 6cm between charged plates with an electric field strength of 30Vm1

4) A parallel plate arrangement is setup by a student so that one plate is at a potential of 24.0 V and the other earthed plate is 1.20 m away. Calculate the work done to move an electron a distance of 40.0cm towards the positive plate (qe = −1.602 × 10−19 C). Identify what does the work and what the work is done on:

Quick Answers:

1) 800 Vm−1

2) 7.2 × 10−7 J

3) 8.64 × 1012 J

4) 1.2816 × 10−18 J in the opposite direction to the field

Worked Answers: